Ghassan Ghosn is addressing ILO participants ILO 105 sesion


News Agency of Arab workers / Written by  Abdulwahab khedr
Translated by  Mustafa Rustum

Mr. Ghassan Ghosn, Secretary-General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions Has asked Arab workers to draw their kind attention on the importance of the Stage of the events that accompanied ILO session 105 which is organized by the International Labour Organization of the United Nations annually in Geneva.
This Conference will be held this year from May 30 to June 10, 2016 surrounded by  the presence of representatives of governments, employers and workers from 187 member states. "Ghassan" has underlined the importance of this international forum that  live to tell the tale through the discussion of files during "the Conference" to work  to serve  peace and security  and the ability to muddle through disasters, as well as the implications of the ILO declaration on social justice for a fair globalization, and consider amendments to the law of the Maritime Labour Convention, in addition  the forced labor issues, child labor, and also the report of the Director General Guy Ryder on "poverty" as the conference includes sessions of the international Committee of the criteria to submit a report on the state of trade union and labor freedoms in some countries.
 Secretary-General has added that this international conference is also a prospect to meet Arab and formats through coordination among the Arab Group that  participate, which will be be held on Sunday May 29, at the headquarters of the international Labour Organization Hall of the board of Directors, as well as the annual meeting to be held between the Arab Labour Organization and the Council of Arab ambassadors in Geneva, which was held last Thursday, May 27 th, looking for Arab consensus on the nominations of the three groups parties to the membership of the ILO  Governing Body 2017 - 2020 in addition to supporting Arab Candidates vto fill any of the positions stemming from the conference, and coordination on supporting the Palestinian people's rights in the face of Israeli violations of the blatant and aggression against him, through the international Meeting of solidarity with the workers and the people of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories on the sidelines of the session (105) of the international Labour Conference, and planned for this day, "next Friday".
  Ghassan Ghosn said the reports and informations  and figures from the international Labour Organization over the past few months about the conditions of the world of work and workers are alarming, and forced  us to get to form International Alliance  to confront them,
Ghassan has refered to Guy Ryder Director General of the international Labour Organisation statements that let slip that a quarter of developing countries workers are living on an income of between 2 to $ 4 a day, explaining that the group, which lies near the poverty line exposed constantly to the risk of a slide into poverty if you can not work due to health problems . Noting that  between 2015 and 2030 about 570 million young men and women will join  the labor force in the world, especially in Africa and South Asia, and poverty is still extreme and  a thorn in your side affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of families and communities in all crooks of the globe and referring to the inability of the 780 million domestic workers to earn enough to raise themselves and their families above the poverty the line of two dollars a day, a figure equivalent to one-third of the number of workers in developing contries.
 ICATU Secretary General ofhas clarified that  the risks facing the entire world due to the phenomenon of unemployment obliges us to come together and cooperate, coordinate and take decisions and joint action in order to confront, through small enterprises support, and ease of movement of labor between countries, in addition the establishment of the giant projects that absorb labor-intensive and support for development programs in the world.
We have to understand the " truth about the crisis, adding that the continuing rise in global unemployment is continuing to affect workers through  the unstable conditions that strongly affect the labor markets in many emerging economies and developing countries, citing the report of "international action" on unemployment for the year 2016, where the report predicted rise in the number of unemployed increased by 2.3 million to reach 199.4 million by the end of the year. These figures are much higher than rates of the pre- Economic recession. We reaffirm that there are 327 million workers living in extreme poverty, in addition to the 434 million workers living in poverty average, and 533 million on the threshold of:
"It's unfortunate that the work does not guarantee that a lot of people around the world shakes  off poverty, there are about 1.5 billion people around working under such fragile cases, representing the equivalent of 46% of the global workforce. It is troubling, these numbers are increasing, not vice versa .. This is highlighted by  ILO .
At the end of his statement to AWNA  "Ghassan Ghosn"reaffirms that : We in ICATU are looking for Free and Independent  trade union movement released from dependency and yields servitude and submission to the dominance of the savage neoliberal capitalist powers and destroy the idols of backwardness and reactionary and obscurantist forces and Extremists and work on  the taking away of terrorist groups that exterminate souls before bodies and adulterating  the minds before they taking  out  heads.
The only path to survive is the put back to the religion of love and light of the verses of tolerant Islam, as well as holding  fast  the fundamentals of freedom and independence, economic development and social justice.

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