Statement of the New Israeli Aggression on Syrian Territory

This morning, the Israeli occupation forces have attacked Syrian territory in the central region, destroying various facilities. The air defense forces of the Syrian Arab Army responded to the attackers and shot down an

Israeli aircraft over the occupied Galilee. This new Israeli aggression comes in a desperate attempt to rescue its mercenaries of the terrorist gangs in the Syrian territories, which are fought bravely by Syrian Arab Army. These terrorist gangs are now begging their operators and financiers from America, Israel, the capitalist West, Turkey and the Arab reactionary states in the Arabian Gulf. This begging explains the latest accusations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, which has repeatedly denied the use of this internationally prohibited weapon.

This new Israeli aggression reveals the aggressive and expansionist mentality of the Zionist entity, which continues to violate international conventions and norms, which will ignite a new war in the region that will eventually oust it and its occupiers.

We call on all member organizations of WFTU to condemn this new aggression from the Israeli occupation upon Syrian territory and call for organizing protest vigils in front of the Israeli, American and Turkish embassies to condemn their aggression on the Syrian territories, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of martyrs every day.

No to Israeli aggression on Syrian territory

Long lives International Solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people

Regional Director of the WFTU in the Middle East

Dr. Adnan Azzouz

Damascus 10/2/2018


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