In the 65 anniversaryof of Palestinian"Nakba" :ICATU in its statement refuses any project fightingthe Palestinian issue and any initiative swapping lands with lands and calls on the International Community to condemn occupation and lands usurpation

AWNA:On the occasion  of  the  65  anniversary  of “Palestinian  Nakba “ ,ICATU issues a statement  that says: in these days and exactly ,Wednesday  May 15 ,2013,is

the  anniversary of” Palestinian Nakba” ….”Nakba” is a Palestinian term which means  the humane tragedy related to the displacement  of a lot of  Palestinian  people outside their homes. It is the same term that  The Palestinian call on the displacement outside their  territories and their homes and the demolition of the most of their political, economic, cultural  community landmarks and features  in 1948 and it is the year in which Palestinian people  were  displaced  outside their homes and lost their homeland in favor of the establishment of Zionist state.

Nakba includes occupation of most of Palestinian territories  by the Zionist movement  ,displacement of more than 750 thousands  of Palestinians making them refugees ,dozens of massacres and looting against Palestinian ,demolition of more than 500 villages ,the destruction of the main Palestinian cities making them Jewish cities, expulsion of most of Bedouin tribes that lived in Nakba ,  attempt to destroy  Palestinian identity, and  erase of Arab geographical names with Hebrew names destroying the original Arabic nature .

Although politicals chose 15-5-1948 as a beginning   of” Palestinian Nakba”  ,we can say that humane tragedy  started before that  when terrorist  Zionist  gang shad  attacked Palestinian gangs to Lebed them or to alternate panic among  residents of  nearby areas  in order to make their displacement easier  after that .

 And that what Israeli enemies   still  does  that  transgresses  Arab  territories occupating them  raising their  flags on Jerusalem  tampering with the sacred challenging all international charters , norms and agreements  in a unprecedented  International-Arab  silence.

Israeli  aggressions rudeness continue attacking Syria and Lebanon with brutality ,judaizing  Jerusalem ,maltreating  the thousands of Palestinian  prisoners, among them women and children, building  settlements in Palestinian territories and building the racial barrier.

All those aspects veil  hateful   racist occupation nature.

Since The foundation of ICATU on March the twenty fourth  1956, in other words  since more than 50 years which came as a coronation to the struggle of working class and their great sacrifices for finding  an  Arab organization realizing their national  class aspirations  and supporting their unity facing  dangers   threatening  their future aims and ambitions, laying foundation stone for the unity of Arab nation because ICATU totally believes in the necessity of  the liberation of Arab Territories  from imperialism, Zionist and retro domination with all itsideological,political,social and economic manifestations . 

  ICATU continues its struggle against Israeli aggressions  calling  for decisions  makers to take decisions  deterring  occupation.

Recently in the fourth regular session of  the central council of ICATU IN Cairo 27-28 /2/2013 , the ICATU   resupported   the struggle of Palestinian people  to take back their  just and fair rights which consist in return right, self-determination    the establishment  of  the independent  Palestinian state with the capital,Quds.ICATU   considers that the establishment  of  just and comprehensive peace requires  the application of these rights  and the withdrawal  from Palestinian territories, Syrian Gulan,Libanese  kafr shoba  hills and sheba farms and the  appeal to the Palestinian factions in order to promote national unity and to put  an end to the division and conflicts and develop the PLO performance  and to  promote its cohesion on democracy and national struggle basis of to be able to serve the Palestinian cause  and the force of International community to release Arab and Palestinian prisoners and to face Jerusalem judaizing  attempts.

ICATU  in its statement , refuses   any project  fighting  the Palestinian issue and any initiative swapping  lands with lands and calls on the International Community to condemn occupation and  lands usurpation.ICATU  calls on puissance to stop supporting Israel  and to stop double standard   and to

attitude according to  international standards.

Calls for trade union organization to condemn enemy attitudes and its occupation of Arab territories.

Calls on Arab governments to support Palestinian issue, to stop all kinds of normalization with Zionist enemy, to expel Zionist ambassadors from Arab territories and to with draw Arab ambassadors from Israel.

Finally calls on all Palestinians to widely unify themselves and to avoid  conflicts  facing and struggling the enemy.




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