Matouk concludes his visit to Greece..Initiative for holding an International Trade Union Conference and to discuss the international trade union reality and to support the role of International Labor Organization.

AWNA:The Secretary –General of ICATU ,Mr. Ragab Matouk , has concluded his visit to the Greek Capital,Athenes,continued for 3 days , from 16 to 18 May ,in which had meetings with The Secretary General of ITUC,George Mafricos, and some of itsleaders.

 Matouk in this visit has made a series of meetings in which some of mutual interests cases , the ways of developing bilateral relations between the two organizations and the agreement on some mutual activities concerning Regional and international Trade union,Economic,workers issues. They also agreed on the necessity of discussing the ways of international trade union cooperation promotion and the finding of suitable opportunities for expanding the circle of this cooperation making it prevail regional and international trade union movements. The two parts have discussed the initiative of holding for holding an International Trade Union Conference invited by all regional and international trade union to discuss the international trade union reality ,to find an international trade union compatibility avoiding any tension in the international trade union relations ,promoting direct cooperation between all international trade union movements serving mutual aims according to mutual respect facing bilateral conflicts caused by the misunderstanding solved by the rational dialogue rising the national and international solidarity.

The two parts think that the 102 session of International Labor conference held in nations palace in Geneva is from 5-22 June 2013 is a suitable opportunity to intense the dialogue with target trade union that will definitely attend the conference .At the same time both have expressed their appreciation towards the International Labor Organization as an original organization with a triple component and its great efforts for the respect promotion of the international labor standards and for creating necessary atmosphere and wanted mechanisms for a permanent dialogue between triple parts of production,governments,employers,and workers .They also expressed their intention to support the ILO and to invite its administration to refuse any type of dominance and to treat with all parts with equivalence principle because it is only the way to the success of its message aiming at the promotion of suitable work and at avoiding problems and disadvantages facing work fields all over the world. They also confirmed that it is so important that The ILO believes that its message is directed to three production parts all over the world ,consequently treating with all regions in the worlds with equivalence without marginalization is the way to realize its desired aims. They also discussed the International trade unions rights and liberties especially the Arab ones .They discussed for a long time the deep transformations caused by the overwhelming popular movements in some Arab Countries .They also confirmed their unlimited support to all workers demands that suffered a lot from oppression and injustice expressing their rights of practicing their liberty and of expressing their ambitions and demands ;hence the governments should accelerate answering to these legal demands .

Both have expressed their annoyance towards migrant workers conditions in spite of all tough International agreements that invite to the protection of their rights, interests and families.

What still takes place is annoying ,so they in this regards ,they are expanding their activities protecting and defending migrant workers rights and interests especially in the Arab Gulf area because workers are still treated as slaves. Both have concluded their negotiations agreeing on mutual work for the working women and youth cases and making mutual activities in this regards appreciating strongly Arab-Chinese women Forum recently held in Beijing .

Translated by :Dina Adel

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