Maragui: I will not permit ICATU obliteratio and Independent unions are null and void

 Edited byAbdel Wahab Khedr Translated by Mostafa Rostom :Guebaly al Maragui President of ETUF and President of ICATU executive board have stressed that what is called independent unions in Egypt Are illegal due to the absence of legal framework to structure

them and they are nothing except Whirlwind cup. Maragui has added in his statement to AWNA editor in chief reportage that will be disseminated in Al Watan TV next week that Independent unions taking out from parliamentary elections from parliamentary elections in Egypt a solid proof that they don t have any base among workers, despite the foreign aid they get. Maragui confirmed that these structures are null and void and they think with money that can exist. They put out of their mind that any trade union structure must depend with active mode upon their workers grass roots. That will be a sign of their reliable in their trade union movement. These necessities are exposed in Egyptian Trade Union Federation the sole strongest trade union structure not only in Egypt but in the Arab world with deeply rooted history in supporting workers... Guebaly is astounded from some the leaders of independent\t unions that knocked ETUF doors that declare their power and legitimacy to get the labour document from ETUF stating that ETUF is the sole organization that has the right to give this prerequisite paper to candidates on behalf of workers Guebaly reassures that ETUF is ready for trade union actions any time after the announcement of the new trade union code. ETUF is powerful as organization with his trade union committees and general unions in all work sites. In other words as President of ICATU general Council and in his capacity as President of ETUF won t permit any destabilization or flagging to ICATU to sweep away Israeli American stratagems that seek out to tear down this distinguished this National Enormous deeply rooted Federation. Maragui has also declared that he has interfered in the problem of Egyptian workers is Lybia through the coordination with UGT in Tunisia and Lybia National Federation workers in cooperation with the ministry of Manpower to adhere to the file of Egyptian workers in Libya.. Guebaly has pointed out that his parliamentary elections campaign strength of character will be with the hunting for real labour codes that support workers and maintain equilibrium in labour markets in accordance to ILO standards.

Edited by abdelawahab khedr and translated by Mostafa Rostom


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