WFTU Solidarity Mission to Mali on May 20-21, 2013

Implementing the resolution of the successful 2nd Panafrican WFTU Affiliates meeting held in Sudan on February 2013, a delegation of WFTU was send to the suffering Mali to express the solidarity of the WFTU affiliates and friends to the Malian people.


Matouk concludes his visit to Greece..Initiative for holding an International Trade Union Conference and to discuss the international trade union reality and to support the role of International Labor Organization.

AWNA:The Secretary –General of ICATU ,Mr. Ragab Matouk , has concluded his visit to the Greek Capital,Athenes,continued for 3 days , from 16 to 18 May ,in which had meetings with The Secretary General of ITUC,George Mafricos, and some of itsleaders.

In the 65 anniversaryof of Palestinian"Nakba" :ICATU in its statement refuses any project fightingthe Palestinian issue and any initiative swapping lands with lands and calls on the International Community to condemn occupation and lands usurpation

AWNA:On the occasion  of  the  65  anniversary  of “Palestinian  Nakba “ ,ICATU issues a statement  that says: in these days and exactly ,Wednesday  May 15 ,2013,is

In Greece, Matouk, Akneby, Bacho, Shakon and Anastesaky have discussed the international trade union situation, trade union movement challenges and the discussion of international trade union solidarity promotion among all trade union movements.

Interference attempts of some parts of ITUC in the internal affairs of ICATU are refused and Arab Trade Union movement distraction attempts under the slogan ofTrade Union pluralism are totally condemned… 

In the occasion of (May Day) , AWNA publishes the International Confederation Of Arab Trade Unions statement ICATU


ICATU  continues with its national principles and goals ,and defends Arab Worker rights.

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